2018 | web, illustration, writing

The capstone project for my Post-baccalaureate certificate.

The web is like a great city—it is made of many communities of people, small and large. No singular solution can service everyone. Instead, what seems most needed is a common awareness of the web as a geography that is not separate from our own physical world and one that should be treated with the same scrutiny that we apply to our cities.

As we wade further into the digital unknown we must continue to evaluate and articulate our surroundings so that we can change them for the better. Good Morning, Empire is an attempt to illustrate and communicate these ideas through an interactive web application.

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( Exhibition )

For two weeks in March 2018 the project existed as part of a class exhibition in the MICA Grad show.

( Early Development )

When I started the project, I wanted to create an educational web application surrounding the idea of digital literacy within online comments sections.

One of the first experiments in developing Good Morning, Empire was a dictionary of terms called the Tower of Knowledge. Ultimately, it was a receptacle for words, phenomena, and websites that I came across during the research for the capstone. It also functioned as an early sketch of representing physical space on the surface of the web—an idea that became central to the final version of the project.

As I continued to read and consider what I wanted to communicate with the project, the scope of the project expanded into a broader articulation of life online.

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2018 | book

A short book containing essays by: Olia Liana, Anil Dash, Paul Ford, Maciej Ceglowski, and Constant Dullaart. The essays reflect on the past and present of the web and speculate ways to think about the future of the web.

2017 | identity, poster

Identity for a fictional (secret) society of photographers loosely inspired by Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red.

The documentation of one's life through photography is the most important practice for the Autobiographers. They mark each significant photo with the society's stamp and store it in a red envelope. The society's symbol is said to represent a camera lens perched on the cone of a volcano.

2017 | identity, poster

Identity and programming for a seasonal workshop hosted by 3 guest artists from a variety of fields. The identity draws conceptually from the telescope as a tool used for discovery and investigation as well as a conceptual object of scale and dimension.

2017 | book, writing

A Manual of information about the (fictional) Temple of the Internet and the collection of idols they worship. Learn about the "forces of virtuality" that dictate the ways we live online and see the digital world through new eyes.

2017 | book

Artist book about filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul. The book is inspired by the principles of Apichatpong's work, specifically: subtlety, patience, and ethereality. The Thai jungle is a prominent character in Apichatpong's films and the solid green cover pays homage to its presence.

2015 | book, illustration, writing

A short comic that explores how a crowded alleyway in Seattle is conceived, perceived, and lived. It draws from personal and eavesdropped experience, historical conceptions, and insights from urban planners and theorists.

It is my love letter to healthy, well-used urban spaces.

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2014 | book, writing

A collection of some of my prose and poems. It is printed in the form of an accordion on light blue Canford paper. The images are altered versions of my photographs.

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