daily practice

You will be responsible for establishing a daily practice focused on exploring and developing a healthy ritual of making. You will document this daily, generative process on your blog, created specifically for this course. You will be required to upload a minimum of 5 posts a week.

This will be also be used to display your process work on various projects, and final works, as well as whatever you would like to post on this platform—so long as it is relevant to your process, practice, and research.

This blog can be hosted on a variety of platforms—I recommend using tumblr,, Instagram, or Twitter. Keep in mind that you’ll be posting a variety of content and mediums (image, text, sound) so make sure that whatever platform you’re using is capable of posting more than just images/text. If you plan on using something different from what I have listed here, just send me an email so I can confirm that it is an appropriate space.

Use this as a space to explore and play with making. Use it to interrogate what making can mean... Making can sometimes feel like a whirlwind—try to document your work as you are making and build a catalogue of process for your future self to uncover later. Post the many possible iterations that you are working through—not just the final version! Take screenshots, make crops, save mistakes, and keep the messes.

Some examples: