reductive workshop

using figma to collaborate, partners will work on progressively reducing words/phrases (and sometimes adding) from their texts. for each partner's text, complete these four iterations together (making a new document for each iteration):

  1. taking turns, select and circle a word that you like, do this until you have 8 words circled, when you are done cross-out/color over the rest of the words
  2. one partner points at their screen with their eyes closed then draws a circle around their finger. if your finger does not land any part of the text, try again. then the other partner does the same thing. color over the space around the two circles
  3. collaboratively draw on top of the text, stop when you are satisfied. find a word that is still intact and circle it
  4. each partner will select 10 words each to cross out and replace with a new word, use a different color of type for the new word. after this, each partner will select their favorite word that their partner added and highlight it in some way

you should have ~13 words isolated each by the end. make sure to save these files/screenshot/document them in some way.