a final vision

(or a first glimpse...)

We have meandered quite a ways in this class... Having followed the ghost of process and stumbled upon our own worlds...

Now comes the time to create one final (at least for this class...) gesture in illustrating that world.For this project, come up with some way to collect, combine, organize, present, or communicate your world in a solid, comprehensive way.

Some ideas:

Think about how this vision might also become an artifact from the world — how does its form, organization, logic relate to that of your world? How does it establish and reinforce the context of your world?

Maybe you take one of your artifacts as a model and expand it into a much larger project.

We will be spending the final 5 weeks of class working on this, so the scope for this project should be larger and more comprehensive than anything we’ve worked on in the past. Of course, that sense of scope will be unique relative to everyone’s individual concept and approach and we will work together to define that individually as we work through it.


rough schedule

week 10 (3/29, 3/31)
- start project, group meetings for brainstorming

week 11 (4/5 , 4/7)
- have rough sketches of idea and concept

week 12 (4/12 , 4/14)
- working, meeting time

week 13 (4/19 , 4/21)
- have a rough draft of the project put together

week 14 (4/26 , 4/28)
- working, meeting time

week 15 (5/3 , 5/5)
- finish!

potential prompts

(use these as generative jump-starts, only use as needed — don't worry about answering any or all of these!)

what does communication look like in your world? do they even use the internet or some equivalent? do they only speak face to face or through writing? what does a particular form of communication say about the history, ideals, and culture(s) of a world?


what are the common materials of use in your world? are things made using paper? found objects? natural materials? code? are the most common things more immaterial, like thoughts?