The Life & Death
of an Internet Onion
Laurel Schwulst
Objects + Methods
Lecture (ZOOM)
Sept. 10, 12:35–2pm

Working in collaboration with her class of graduate students at Yale School of Art, Laurel Schwulst initiated the online publication, The Life and Death of an Internet Onion. What began as a class project over a year ago, today seems so timely and potent as we all move through our experiences of time and feeling. Laurel’s practice brings us to ask ourselves what interfaces have to do with reading and writing. In addition to presenting a lecture online Laurel invites students and the broader community to participate in the future edition of Take note of the special note on the bottom of the home page. “The onion will begin decay on August 27. The future onion is open to submissions before then...
Laurel Schwulst is a designer, writer, and webmaster living in New York. She is interested in ambient forms of design and literature, public works, and the poetic potential of the web. She teaches at Yale, Princeton, Rutgers, and independently through Fruitful School, a collaborative web workshop. Recent courses taught include "Writing as Metadata," "Special Web Projects," and "Image." Her design practice, Beautiful Company, works with clients on utilizing the unique materiality of the web.